Falcons Hollow NPCs

Jack Murphy
A friendly male human lumberjack. He wears a plaid vest and trousers made of sturdy blue fabric. He runs the Canadian Lumber Mill, its wood sought after by most of the country.

Yukiko Shiroyukihime
A timid female moon elf with silver hair and eyes. She runs the forge at Falcon's Hollow

Richter Schwarzberg
A male mountain dwarf with neatly combed back black hair, brown eyes and cleanly shaven. He runs the apothecary and seems to despise thieves and criminals with great zeal.

Pierre Rousseau
A friendly male forest gnome with blonde hair and green eyes who runs the local inn, The Broken Wand with his daughter Marie.

Jared Baleson
A gruff human male who does his best to keep the peace in town. Wields a greataxe.

Falcons Hollow NPCs

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