An adventurer's life is not always one grand adventure to the next. Sometimes the adventurer has time to live an ordinary life between adventures. When you have downtime, you must choose a lifestyle of how you want your character to live during their downtime. You may also choose to work, relax or craft during your downtime. As the Adventurer's Guild members increase in level, so too does the prosperity of Falcon's Hollow. As such, the cost of living increases.

Wilds 0 GP/day
You live in the wilds, spending your time looking for food. You may not work, craft or relax when you choose this lifestyle. If you do not have a means of reliably providing food for yourself you also run the risk of starvation. For the next adventure, reduce your maximum hp by 1d4 an additional 1d4 for every level you are above first.

Streets 1/2 Level in GP/day
You live on the streets, spending just enough on food to stave off starvation. You may not craft or relax when you choose this lifestyle. For the next adventure you have disadvantage on Charisma skill checks as you are covered in filth. In addition you must make a DC 11 Constitution saving throw at the start of the next adventure or catch Sewer Plague (DMG page 257)

Adventurer's guild Level in GP/day
You rent a room in the Adventurer's Guild from Suika. You are provided with food, lodging and a bath. You may also choose to work at the Ad You gain no benefits or penalties from this lifestyle.

Carousing Twice Level in GP/day
You spend your downtime celebrating your adventures or drinking them away. Either way, you are given hearty foods and strong drink. You may not craft or work when you select this lifestyle. If you choose to relax while selecting this lifestyle, the benefits last for the entire adventure.

Extravagant Quadruple Level in GP/day
You spend your downtime in an expensive inn. All of your wants and needs are taken care of. For the next adventure, you gain advantage on saving throws against poison and disease. 


Downtime Activities
You may choose to craft during your downtime. You must first spend a day shopping and buying the materials you need equal to 1/2 the price of the item you wish to make. You then spend your days crafting the item. You make progress each day on the item in gold equal to your bonus to the appropriate tool you use to craft it. Once you have made progress equal to the items full price in gold, you create the item.

You spend your days working a profession. You may choose whatever task or profession you wish, so long as their is a need for it. If you choose a job that requires the use of tools, you make an amount of gold equal to your bonus with the tools multiplied by a tenth of your level every day. If your profession does not use tools, choose a relevant skill and gain your bonus to that skill instead. Alternatively, you may sell your services as a spellcaster and gain your proficiency bonus plus your spellcasting modifier multiplied by a tenth of your level in gold every day.

You spend your downtime resting and recuperating. You start the next adventure ready, well rest and prepared. For the first session of the next adventure, whenever you regain hitpoints you heal an additional hp. You also start the game with inspiration.


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