Adventurers Guild

Adventurer's Guild

A round table type of campaign where the DM alternates and everyone gets a chance to play. The Current DM Rotation is:   Alex 7-8, ? 8-11, Alex 11-12, ? 12-13

If you want to propose homebrew content send Alex a link or the information so he can put it up on the wiki the deadline for proposals is the Monday before we play, which gives everyone enough time to read over it and form an opinion. If you have suggestions or revisions for the proposal discuss them in the proposals tab of Discord. 

When a new deity, NPC, location or other piece of lore for the world is created you must provide a description or information on the topic and send it to Alex so that it can be added to the wiki.

A team B team, C team and backup PCs
A team is your main PC which you play through each session
B team characters are fill-ins for absent players when the DM needs it
C team characters are characters for gimmick adventures and not necessarily used as a fill-in
Back-up PCs are the character you were assigned to play when your A-team character dies.


drew_a_kantor MNWT

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